Do you live, work or go to school in Boise? Did you have power this morning? Idaho Power said that a tow truck crash caused 4,248 homes, businesses and even schools without power. Some had the power back on quickly, others are still waiting.

The crash happened this morning (Friday 4/9) The areas that went dark and had the power go out were mostly in southeast Boise, downtown, and a portion of the Bench. Ada County Dispatch got quickly involved after a tow truck hit a power pole. No one was hurt thank goodness, but hitting a power pole is bound to cause problems, and it certainly did. The Idaho Power pole that was hit was at the Peterbilt facility on Federal Way southeast of town.

Idaho Power was reporting that Timberline High School had no power or phones lines at least for the rest of the day. They were continuing school although many students didn't attend. According to KTVB, The Idaho Statehouse is without electricity as well as White Pine Elementary school. The power outage also caused issues with some traffic lights. If you get to an intersection where power is out, treat it like a four way stop.

As you can imagine, Idaho Power is doing everything they can to get things up and running again. Crews are working as quickly as possible to rebuild and re connect what was damaged in the tow truck crash.

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