An award-winning independent film has local ties to the Treasure Valley. The Year of the Dog opens in over 100+ theaters nationwide on February 24, including at the Northgate Reel Theatre in Boise. Rob Grawbow, the Executive Producer for the movie, his sister, who has a small speaking role in the film, lives in Eagle, and two of his nephews are students at Eagle High School. 

Rob says, "the true star of the film is the scene-stealing Caleb, a pure-bred Siberian Husky rescue, who had been shuffled between multiple foster homes and animal shelters because he had been described as 'too much dog' or 'too energetic.' The producers agreed that it was important to support and champion a local animal shelter since it was clear that what others saw as Caleb's imperfections - his high energy, his playfulness, his stubbornness - are what made Caleb special and precisely what made him able to carry so much of this film." 

5% of the ticket sale net profits will be donated locally to The Idaho Humane society. 

The Year of the Dog is a film about a poignant story about two strays, a loaner alcoholic struggling to maintain sobriety, and a rescue dog with an unusual athletic gift.

After watching the trailer, I thought this would be a movie that would hit close to home for so many people dealing with alcoholism, not only for the person who's trying to get sober but for their entire family.

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