If you've participated in Boise's Hefty EnergyBag recycling program since it began in March of last year, thank you! You've contributed to keeping 190 tons of plastics out of the landfills!! Instead, the plastic that no longer is accepted in your regular recycling bin has been sent to a plant in Salt Lake City to be made into biofuels...AWESOME!

However, like with any new program, there were some "hiccups" last year. According to Boise Weekly, some residents weren't getting any of their free rolls of bright orange bags, while others were only getting one at a time, instead of the 26 free bags that come in a roll of Hefty Energy Bags.

So, this year, the City of Boise is rolling out a new voucher program to help streamline the process of getting the bags. According to Boise Weekly, residents will now be able to "get a free roll of 26 bags at a participating store." This also eliminates residents who wish not to participate from having to deal with the bags or throw them out.

This is such an amazing program, and with this new voucher roll out, I think it will run much more smoothly and hopefully get more of that plastic out of the landfills!


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