Imagine celebrating Christmas without your child.  You can't, and neither can I, because you can only imagine if you've been there.  


Three years ago the Wilder family lost their 17-year-old son Cameron to suicide.  Now they take on each and every holiday with a very different kind of feeling.  Cameron's parents, Stewart and Debbie know they'll have to make do without their beautiful boy.  Debbie says it's as if the hearbeat of the house is just gone.


Thanksgiving and Christmas serve as reminders of how different their lives are now.  For three years Stewart and Debbie haven't put up any decorations.  The Christmas cheer stays boxed up.  But this year is different.


The Wilders came home one night and found their home decorated to the tilt with Christmas lights.  A good deed that goes very much appreciated by the Wilder family.  Maybe a small taste of what it was like when Cameron was with them.


So who is this do-gooder?  His name is Carson Zickgraf and he along with the staff at Z Enterprises LLC go around the Treasure Valley putting lights up on those homes of those affected by suicide.


Zickgraf was given a list by an organization called Not One More Suicide.  He was once affected by suicide and this is his way of moving on and giving back.


The Spirit of Christmas has begun here in the Treasure Valley.  Thanks to people like Carson Zickgraf, Santa Claus truly does exists!



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