This is scary. It has made me lose sleep at night. If you get this message on your phone, they can track you and lead you into sex trafficking. What?!

When I first got this message on my phone I'll be honest, it was flattering, but I quickly learned it is a dangerous trap that could lead you into a nightmare.

If you have recently received a message on your phone saying "someone complimented you" beware. It may make you feel good, it may seem innocent, but if you click on it apparently it puts a tracker on your phone that can lead people who are into sex trafficking to your location where they will kidnap you and force you into a sex trafficking ring.

This is happening right here in the Treasure Valley. The message has popped up on my own phone, and naively I clicked on it, and I've been a little bit paranoid ever since.

According to it just leads you to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but I'll be honest, there are enough rumors out there that I don't completely trust it.

So, please be careful, if you get a message on your phone that says "someone complimented you" do not click on it. This world is more dangerous than we'd like to admit and I would hate to see anyone travel down this horrible path.

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