Over 3,000 students from all over have been taking turns moving back into the dorms on campus. Students have been split into 3 groups to keep social distancing possible. This year also had restrictions on other guests helping with the moving process. In other words no parents, other family members or friends were allowed on campus.

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All students had to wear masks unless in their specific rooms. Other colleges around the country have seen surges in numbers just weeks after college move ins and in school higher education learning. Boise State is doing their best to keep every one cautious and following safely protocols. For now, it sure is nice to have them back. The studio is just a few blocks from campus and I swear I can feel the energy. College students who have been stuck at home with mom and dad all summer are probably thrilled to be back in the dorms. Stay safe and a big welcome to all Boise State students from all of us here at WOW Country.

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