There are few things better in this world than tacos. Put me at a table with tacos and a delicious margarita, oh boy, now we're talkin'. The Boise Taco and Margarita Festival celebrates your taste buds with some of the tastiest, most unique and best tacos you will ever put to your mouth.

Mark your calendars for Saturday September 18th for a food fest you wont want to miss. The event happens at Revolution Concert House and Event Center. There will be fun vendors selling various merchandise as well as dozens of taco stops, vendors and food trucks to sample tacos from all around the city.

For those over 21 there are bars and beverage stations. Enjoy a variety of sodas, beers, tequila shots and of course various delicious margarita flavors. There are two ways in... General Admission will get you into the event and you can buy food and drinks on your own as you see fit. The other option for 21 and over crowd is the VIP 21+ admission, that gets you entry into the VIP area, 2 free tacos, 2 free margaritas, and a free T-shirt.

This event tends to sell out and the admission prices usually go up the closer to the event due to demand. If you are in town that weekend and love tacos, do yourself a favor and get your tickets early. You will be glad you did.

In the meantime enjoy this list of fantastic taco spots in the Treasure Valley. We've tried -just about- all of the spots to get tacos, food trucks, restaurants, hole in the wall joints to truly give you a detailed account of where to go for tacos.

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