Ok, this gives me all the feels. According to KTVB, a Timberline High School senior is being credited with saving a dog's life in Boise. Golden Retriever, Thor and his brother Timber decided they would jump their human's fence and go for a little adventure. Except, their little getaway turned into a scary situation for Thor. He jumped into a pond about a mile away from their home and got stuck in the irrigation pump hose and some chicken wire meant to keep the fish away.

Thos was trying to claw his way out, with no luck. That's when 17-year-old, Will Hall found him. He was checking on the irrigation pump when he heard Thor whimpering. Will jumped in the pond to try and get the 100-pound pup out without any luck. Thankfully, the Boise Fire Department got there quickly after a phone call from the teenager.

Once help arrived, Thor was lifted out with a harness and "bundled him up" since hed suffered from a bit of hypothermia. Luckily, Thor is going to be just fine. His humans got there quickly and when they arrived, their other pup Timber came running out of his hiding spot. Their family is back together again! A big thank you to Boise Fire and Will who worked together to save this pupper's life!!

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