You may want to give yourself a little extra time getting into work Monday morning because these snow flurries will continue through til about 12 noon tomorrow afternoon.

As careful as you may be you cannot control others who are not nor can you can control situations that put you and your vehicle at risk such as black ice, slick patches, and accidents happening around you which end up sucking you in.  CAUTION is key when driving in conditions like this.  Headlights on, slow down with your speed, and expect the unexpected because it's happening all around us.

Different stretches of I-84 and the connector in and out of downtown Boise have been shut down recently because of black ice and hazardous driving conditions but authorities would like to keep all roads open as much as possible during rush hour times to keep from bottling up vehicles in alternate areas and overall stop people from getting to their destinations for the day.

On a positive note, this winter storm has added 10 inches of snow to our local ski resorts like Bogus Basin and they're expecting another four inches which means skiing and snowboarding are better than ever right now.

We should get a break with the snow on Tuesday and Wednesday but more moisture is expected this next weekend.  We'll keep you posted on how much and how bad.

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