This woman took a plastic bag to a man's head after hogtying him and then dumped his body in the Boise Foothills.

According to KTVB 45-year-old Francis March just admitted to murdering 61-year-old Mark Irwin who was the guy discovered in his van back in August of 2016.  So why did March kill Irwin?  Over a rifle.

March along with 19-year-old Anthony Barclay tried to pawn a rifle that belonged to Irwin after he was killed and that's what led to their demise.  Prosecutors say Barclay did not have a hand in the murder, just in the destruction of evidence.  March was the one who hogtied, suffocated and eventually killed Irwin.  After that she stole his van and drove the body to the Boise Foothills where she attempted to dump and hide evidence.  She's facing a possible life sentence and her bond is set at $1 million.

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