This Boise woman has survived something unimaginable; a car crash that left her with 60-feet of a fence in her shoulder!

The crash happened on Emerald Street in Boise. According to Nachele Slaughter blacked out at the wheel, crossed the street and hit a fence.

The impact was so powerful that a fence pole punctured the window of her Chevy Trailblazer, went through her shoulder, and continued to impale her for 60 feet!

Nachele was awake the entire time the Boise Fire Department was trying to save her life and cut the fence out of her shoulder. Half an hour after the accident, she still had three-feet of fence in her shoulder and was taken to the Regional Trauma Center at Saint Alphonsus.

All things considered, she was extremely lucky. The fence pole narrowly missed her heart. She was left with a broken collarbone, broken ribs, and a partially collapsed lung.

A month after the accident, Nachele is still sleeping in a recliner and she still has trouble breathing from the broken ribs.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help the Slaughter family out. The family says this accident could not have happened at a worse time for them financially. Nachele's husband is trying to get a business up and running, they are in need of a new a car, and the lease on their housing is up at the end of this month. If you can find it in your heart to donate to this great family, please do. A tragedy like this could happen to any one of us at any given moment. We're so glad Nachele is alive and recovering well. She'll always have an incredible story to tell.