Inevitably Fall hits, temperatures drop, it starts getting darker earlier and staying darker later in the mornings and that QUESTION that stops us in our tracks every year, rears its ugly head.  When is Boise getting its first snow?  Let's take a look at what the Boise National Weather Service says about the past which should help us see and know when we can expect the very first snowfall this year.

  • Boise usually sees their first snowfall on November 23rd
  • Boise's first snowfall last year (2017) was on November 4th
  • Boise's largest first snowfall was five inches back in 2012 and 1995 (2012-Jan 18th  1995-Dec 5th)

AccuWeather is predicting a lot of rain over the next couple of months but a VERY late start to Boise's first official snow.

Credit: accuweather
Credit: accuweather

As you can see, December 14th is the expected day to receive our very first official snow here in Boise, and I'm not talking about some dusting that melts before it hits your tongue type of snow.  I'm talking the real deal with sloshy shoes, sticking to the grass, staying inside until it melts kind of snow.  Will it surprise me if this report is completely BOGUS?  No.  It's just a prediction.  The Farmer's Almanac has predicted we're going to have a brutal Winter and I'll be honest, most brutal Winters start as late Winters so this all falls in line with information we're privy to.  AnyHoo... looks like we're going to have a beautiful Fall here in the Treasure Valley and I'm all for appreciating every second of that fantastic weather.

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