Well, it appears the COVID-19 pandemic is long over, but so many of our Idaho businesses are still struggling to make a full comeback.

It’s impossible to discuss ALL of the ways the last couple years have impacted our communities, but some of the issues are definitely more noticeable than others — for example — businesses not having enough employees, hiring issues, onboarding struggles, shortages, and people just not wanting to work.

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We’ve all heard the common phrases like, “people just don’t want to work anymore.”

This could also be because the positions we need filled the most, are positions that don’t pay enough. And also, it could be that our government likes to pay people to not work these days, but I’m not bias or anything...

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Stacker compiled a list of the lowest-paying jobs in Boise, and they said, “Service employees such as housekeepers, food preparation workers, kitchen cooks, automobile glass installers, and animal caretakers were some of the lowest-paying jobs in the nation.”

Their list comprises of 50 jobs, and I’ve included the TOP 10 lowest paying jobs in Boise down below.

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These are the Top 10 Lowest Paying Jobs in Boise, Ranked

Information from Stacker.

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