A Boise Police chase after a man accused of rape in the very early morning hours on Saturday ended with the man taking his own life.

According to KTVB the rape was reported at 1:50 a.m. on Saturday around Compass Drive and Hill Road.  Once the victim was safely transported to the hospital and into the hands of the Boise Victim Witness Coordinators the investigation was on.  It didn't take long for officers to spot a vehicle in the area of North Stone Creek Way and Hill Road that fit the description of the main suspect and that's when the chase began.

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Credit: Mario Tama / Getty Images

Boise Police Officers turned on their lights and the car took off.  This chase started sometime after 4:15 and eventually the suspect was able to get away.  More officers were called in for back up and then the suspect's vehicle was spotted again in the same area.

When officer's approached the vehicle they noticed there was no movement at all.  They could tell someone was in the vehicle but no movement and no response.  Once they were able to safely approach the vehicle it was obvious the suspect was dead.  It looked as if the suspect had taken his own life with a single gunshot wound.  No shots were ever fired from any authorities.

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