Brantley Gilbert stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories behind his number 1 hits, and talk about his latest single "Hard Days."

Most people are keeping themselves busy during the pandemic with house projects, and Gilbert is just the same. He just finished his 7,000 square feet man cave at his house and has been showing it off on social media. He shared with Bobby Bones the details of the man cave, which features room for his tour bus, all of his cars, and games. Gilbert calls it "the Dog House," where he has cabinets full of his items for touring, and his items for hunting. He has his tour bus, his '68 cougar, his F150 race truck, and all of his bikes parked inside along with games Big Buck Hunter and Golden Tee Golf. The man cave also features sleeping quarters and a fully stocked bar, despite Gilbert no longer being a drinker. He joked that everyone loves the man cave besides his wife.

On the topic of his wife, Gilbert shared more of the backstory on his big hit "You Don't Know Her Like I Do." He told Bones he wrote the song for his now-wife, but at the time, wrote it with a more spiteful tone because they were broken up and not speaking. He said their relationship was definitely complicated, they spent 5 years together and then 5 years apart. In their most recent time together, they've been together for 6 years and married for 5.

Sharing more stories behind his big songs, Gilbert confessed that he always wanted to be a songwriter before an artist. All 5 of his number 1 songs, Gilbert has been a writer on. He said that he takes pride in being part of the writing process, because he wants to make sure he's telling his story. Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" was written by Gilbert when he was really young. "My Kinda Party," and "Dirt Road Anthem" are the songs that opened doors for him and for that, he's always thankful to Aldean. His song "One Hell Of An Amen" has become much more of an anthem and celebration of life as each time Gilbert played it live, it took on new meaning. As for his latest single "Hard Days," Gilbert shared that all of the writers in the room were going through some difficult life situations and it was a song that was wanting to be written.

Before Gilbert left, he debunked the story we heard from a fan of his. She said that if you get a Brantley Gilbert tattoo, you can get in to his concerts for free. However, when Bones asked Gilbert about the claim, Gilbert said that it's definitely not true. He added that he kind of finds it weird when people get tattoos of him or his brands on their body. He finished his time with his first performance on the show ever with his song "Bottoms Up."