Mr. Christmas, otherwise known as Brett Eldredge, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for our big Christmas show. He showed up in full tuxedo ready to perform the Christmas hit "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and talk about his most googled questions.

Ever since Eldredge released his album Glow in 2016, he's been dubbed by the show "Mr. Christmas." His album has been played in several places, including places that Eldredge frequents. He shared that recently he was eating outside on the patio of a restaurant and while he was sitting there 6 of his songs played over the speaker. He confessed that it was a weird experience, but added that as a kid, he always wanted to be part of Christmas traditions.

Being part of Christmas celebrations means Eldredge always has to be ready to dress up, he shared that he has about 12 of his own tuxes in his closet. But Eldredge is colorblind so most of the time, he's not really sure which color of tuxedo he's wearing. He also shared that watch he's been wearing lately is the watch Luke Bryan gave to him.

While Eldredge was talking about his very Christmas life lately, he also answered some of the most googled questions about himself. Here they are and his answers!

  • Can Brett Eldredge play piano? Yes, he learned over quarantine. He took some lessons and then just kept practicing by himself at home, though he still doesn't read music.
  • Does Brett Eldredge have any tattoos? None. He hasn't been moved yet to get one, but he's getting one someday.
  • Does Brett Eldredge have a kid? Nope.
  • Where is Brett Eldredge's dog? He's at home. He retired from the spotlight. Eldredge didn't want to have an influencer dog anymore.
  • Is Brett Eldredge related to Melissa Etheridge? Nope. Not even the same name.

While he was on for the Christmas show, Eldredge performed the Christmas classic "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Check it out below!

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