It must have felt so good to the team to get back out on the field today (Saturday). It was just officially announced that the Mountain West Conference is back on and the first game is slated for Oct. 24. Even though the players are back on the field having a great time. Things are still very different this year compared to other years just like for everything else with coronavirus.

Commissioner Craig Thompson is still quite concerned with the virus and insures that they are doing everything possible to keep the players safe. Also different states have different restrictions which also makes things complicated.

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Now for the next question... Can we see them play? Are fans allowed at Albertsons Stadium? Unfortunately the health department has not made a final decision on it yet. We will not know until we get closer to the start of the season. Ada Country is still in Stage 3, if that doesn't change then they have to adhere to the under 50 people gathering rule. Meaning that only 49 fans would be allowed in the stadium.

For the team, coaches, players and staff will be tested three times a week. Boise State's schedule hasn't been released yet, but I will keep you posted when it does. My work is so close to Boise state that from the edge of the studio window I can see the Albertsons Stadium from across the greenbelt and Boise river. When the big games are going on from years past we can hear the cheers from the studio and offices. I miss those nights shoulder to shoulder with fans in Blue and Orange cheering on the incredible team playing on the blue turf. Lets go Broncos! Even if we cant be there full fledge in the stands like in past years. We are still here rooting you on. GO BRONCOS!

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