NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the races coming up in Tennessee, plus share some fun moments from his life as a race car driver.

Wallace is known for speeding around the race track but when he's not on the race track, he's busy gaming. He is very into gaming, and for those who are also gamers, he has a gamer chair and he plays on a PC. He's also not the best driver on the real roads. He admitted that he failed the computer side of his driver's test when he first took it. He didn't immediately jump to get his driver's license after, he said he took 6 months before going to take the test again. He did pass, but also confessed the first time he drove wasn't smooth. He drove off the road twice to avoid all of the cars coming at him.

Something that gets the best of most drivers on the road, also gets the best of Wallace. He confessed he has moments of road rage, particularly when someone pulls out in front of him and doesn't at least go the speed limit. That's when he wishes he was on the race track and could just bump the car that does this. He also admitted that he gets annoyed if someone else drives him. So no one ever drives him, even to home after races.

As for what happens before and during races, Wallace said it doesn't really matter what he eats before a race. Sometimes he listens to his nutritionist and strength coach and he will eat grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables with some water. There's other times where he will eat up some McDonald's and he feels the same. He confessed that he's never been one of those driver's that has peed in his car because he would be the one who has to clean it up the next day

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