Zimm’s Burger Stache at 10889 W. Fairview Ave. is closing its doors forever on November 21st, 2018.  According to the Idaho Statesman, this burger joint just didn't get enough business after dark.  Work hours seemed to be fine but when people were heading home from Boise to Meridian, they just didn't want to take the time to stop and eat.

Justin Zimmerman, a member of the Zimmerman family who owns Zimm’s Burger Stache says some of the employees will be moved to Hawkins Pac-Out which is another burger place at 2315 N. Bogus Basin Road that the Zimmerman has owned since 1994.  Hawkins Pac-Out is going to start serving breakfast which opens up some slots for employees.  Three of the current 11 employees will remain employed and move over to Hawkins Pac-Out.

I'm a bit sad to see this cute, funny little burger joint go away but I have to admit, I never once stopped by to buy some grub.  I've always liked the mustache theme and the look of this little restaurant but looks aren't enough.  Bottom line is you either bring money in or you don't.  Best wishes to the Zimmerman family and who knows, maybe that huge mustache will make its way back to the Treasure Valley someday.

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