First and foremost, the car buying process is not what it used to be... and that's a good thing!

Thanks to technology, dealerships can offer an unparalleled car buying experience that customers can feel good about. Shoot, we have several friends who work in the industry, and the fact of the matter is that they're all good people. It's not like the old days or what we're used to seeing in movies.

That being said, there's one question many customers and maybe even dealerships might not think about to no fault of either side.

"Did someone die in the used car that I am buying?"

We understand that it's a dark question to come up with but it's a fair one and one that is usually asked when purchasing a home.

And seriously think about it - would you feel comfortable driving around in that new SUV knowing that someone was killed or took their last breath inside of the vehicle?

We're not talking about accident-related deaths either

If someone passes away from a collision in their car, there's a good chance that the vehicle is also totaled.

Photo by Jordan Bebek on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Bebek on Unsplash

But, what if someone dies in their car and the vehicle is otherwise in good, working shape? Do dealerships have to reveal this information?

We did some extensive research and at least to us, it seems like this is the greyest of areas.


The good news is several laws in Idaho protect consumers from being defrauded or "duped" into bad deals. These include protecting you from false advertisements and sellers messing with the odometer.

The bad news? You agree to what you agree to... at least in Idaho - that haunted vehicle is yours!!

States across the country have varying laws but point blank, if you buy a used vehicle in Idaho and accept it "as-is", you're agreeing to everything that the car comes with... including the dark history (if applicable).

Now, most dealerships will have a car detailed, so unless it smells, you might never know. A CarFax might be able to offer you the right information so you can ask the right questions, but as far as our research goes, there is no specific law that requires a seller to disclose whether or not a dead body was ever inside the vehicle.

If you've ever been in this situation or perhaps you know something we don't (happens all the time!), please feel free to reach out here. We'd be more than happy to share your story, information that might say otherwise, or anything else.

Believe us - there is nothing more we would love than to have access to all information when buying a used car... including knowing if someone died inside the vehicle.

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