Yummmmmm Pi Day. Not only is it a day to score some great deals on pizza pies and cherry pies, it's of course a day to celebrate the mathematical constant that defines the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. And the math club at College of Idaho celebrates big! So big, in fact, that they attempted to break a world record for "creating the longest human representation of Pi."

So, after months of planning, 600 students, faculty, and staff gathered in the J.A. Activities Center wearing their tie-dye t-shirts, each representing a different digit on Pi. Some professors even excused their students to take part in the celebration. Looks like they made it happen too, according to the College of Idaho, "unofficially breaking the previous record of 520 people set exactly one year prior by Città di Todi in Todi, Pergia, Italy."

Unfortunately, we won't know if they officially broke the record. It takes about 12 weeks for Guinness to accept the "evidence" that C of I sends in. But I think they're solid. Check out pictures from the celebration HERE.  

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