A really bad accident this afternoon is the cause of some major backup with traffic in the Caldwell area at the intersection of Highway 20/26 and Middleton Road.  KTVB reported a construction worker who was about 15 to 20 feet below in a ditch/trench has been airlifted to the hospital after some major equipment toppled over and on top of the worker.

At this point, we have no idea what type of condition the worker is in, which company he or she was working for and what exactly happened.  There is a full investigation currently on and all information will remain confidential until more is known.  Think about it, if it was one of your family members you wouldn't want their name and picture blasted all over the media before authorities could properly inform you of the situation.

We can only hope and pray this worker comes out if this o.k.  These types of accidents often times end with the loss of life so it is hopeful to hear that that has not been reported yet.

We'll keep you posted on the traffic situation in that area and of course how this worker is doing.  Thoughts and Prayers!

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