Working for minimum wage is a reality for people all across the country and unfortunately, it's not enough for those trying to carve out a comfortable life in 2024.

For those working minimum wage jobs, every penny counts. It can be a constant struggle to make ends meet, with little room for luxuries or quality time off... especially if you have kids.

Living on minimum wage in 2024

It's no secret that living expenses in 2024 continue to rise and most jobs have a starting pay that's a little more than minimum wage to cover these rising costs. That said, financial strain is real and can lead to a whole laundry list of issues.

California's current minimum wage is $16 and starting April 1st, fast food wages will increase to at least $20 per hour according to the State of California's Department of Industrial Relations.

Idaho, on the other hand, sticks with the federal minimum wage.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding an increase in the minimum wage and some argue that it's the whole reason why the cost of living continues to go up in the first place.

But, with more companies offering a starting pay of around $15 anyway, should Idaho bite the bullet and resort to a minimum wage plan similar to California's? We're not saying that everyone should be getting $20 an hour... but aren't we heading that direction?

Let's take a look at the federal minimum wage over the years and how much it's increased since 1938.

Is Idaho falling behind?


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