I LOOOOOVE to go camping. If I could go camping every weekend in the Summer I'd be there. I think we've found our favorite campsite, but we always love to explore new campsites around Idaho. So I'm pretty excited about checking out this popular one near Idaho City that was closed after a tree fell on the bridge leading into the grounds.

According to KTVB, once the water receded from the harsh winter we had last year, surveyors went out to Grayback Gulch Campground to design a new bridge and get an estimate of the costs. Well, it turns out it's a pretty penny to make the campground accessible again. The total costs comes out to just over $650,000. WHOA!! Lucky for us, Brant Petersen with the Boise National Forest says, “This is our most popular campground on the district. Arguably maybe one of the most popular on the Boise National Forest. So really important for us to get it back in place.”

So needless to say, it's definitely going to happen. But when? The goal is to reopen this summer since they already have the funding; "the Idaho Department of Lands is paying 65 percent of that cost. The Forest Service is paying the remaining 34 percent".

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