Halloween is quickly approaching and kids all across the Treasure Valley will be looking to fill their large bags with pounds and pounds of candy.

This is great for the kids of the Treasure Valley, and one of the best times of the year to indulge. It's what they want... but for parents? It can become a dental nightmare.

What if we didn't give kids what they want... but instead, what they need?

That's right! Let's pretend for a moment that all of the people who are passing out candy in the Treasure Valley got together and agreed that they were going to hand out practical items instead of candy.

And, why not?

Where is the rule that says people have to pass out candy on Halloween? The whole premise of trick-or-treating in the first place is the 50/50 chance that a child might wind up with something other than a treat... or a trick.

Why couldn't something practical fall under the "treat" category anyway?

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If you're a parent, you can't tell us that you wouldn't be cool with any of the things we listed to give to your kids.

Now, on the other hand, there's a chance that you might have something else in mind. That's cool and all, but whatever you do - don't give out any of these items on Halloween.

You could wind up in the slammer.

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You can't talk about trick-or-treating without talking about Halloween decorations. They go hand-in-hand! But, there are some decorations that might be taking it too far, especially when you consider that children might be exposed to them.

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