It's an argument that has been in play for decades and now one man is under fire over his "old-fashioned" opinion. Here's my personal take on the matter.


I have always thought I was very much for "equal rights." Right or wrong, from the time I was a little girl I pictured my future to include a career and a family.


As a small child I dreamed of becoming a neonatologist (a Dr. who takes care of premature infants.) My lack of smarts in the whole science/math area put that dream to rest!


As a teenager I dreamed of being an actress. Thankfully my mother tackfully steered me in the direction of television news or radio since my acting skills are about as bad as they get!


I thought I could have it all. Some can, but for me with all the blessings a career has brought into my life, it has come at an astronomical cost.


Utah republican, James Green recently voiced his opinion regarding equal pay for women and the backlash caused him to actually step down as vice-chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party.


According to the Idaho Statesman, Green argues that paying women more will take away money from men the "primary breadwinners" of the family. Paying men less will force more women into the workforce, some of which would prefer to stay home, and that the move to pay women at the same rate as men will hurt the traditional family and all of society.


I gasp at the thought that I agree with him, and yet part of me does.


As my career took off, my marriage started to crumble. My husband's self-esteem was beaten down by having a wife in a high-profile position that paid more than what he was making.


Today I am caught in the middle of a very amicable divorce. I NEVER pictured my life this way. I will always wonder "what if?" What if I would have stayed home, cleaned house, and made meals all day? What if I had been there for my kids in the morning instead of at work? What if I wasn't exhausted by 8 pm? Would I be in the same place I am today? Probably not.


On the flip side, if I had stayed home and allowed my husband to be the breadwinner, would I feel a lack of purpose and identity? Would I deal more with depression? Would I feel stuck in a marriage that grew apart?


I will never know.


Part of me sees value in the "traditional" family. Part of me sees value in giving women equal opportunity to spread their wings and fly.


Either way, I have learned to be grateful for what I do have instead of mourning what I do not have.


I am incredibly grateful for my two beautiful children that bring great light into my life and teach me every day.


I am grateful for a career that I thoroughly enjoy. A career that not only provides for my family, but allows me an opportunity to do good in the community, and a job that never ever feels like a "job."


I am grateful to have someone to raise children with that is one of the most humble, unselfish, giving, and genuinely kind men I have ever known.


I am grateful for life. All of the struggles, all of the beauty, all of the heartache, all of the successes.


Should women make more than men? I'm not sure, but if my boss wants to give me a raise, you won't hear me complaining!!