Priscilla Block went viral on TikTok in recent weeks with her country song "Thick Thighs." Her song garnered viral attention and ever since, fans have been going crazy over her. Bobby Bones decided to bring her on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her new rise to fame and how she's feeling about everything.

The song "Thick Thighs" was written with Block and two of her girlfriends. Block shared that when she went into the write, she said that she didn't want to write another heartbreak song and joked that they should write about thick thighs. Her friends thought it was a great idea and decided to run with it. From there, the song got positive reviews from everyone in Block's circle, including her family. Then her fans loved to sing it back to her during live shows. But it wasn't until Block added "Thick Thighs" to TikTok's playlist, and the song really blew up. Even Carly Pearce reached out to Block, giving her a phone number to reach her if she needed any help navigating the craziness.

Despite her recent viral fame, Block has actually been in Nashville for over six years and she's been grinding it out as an artist. She shared that at one point she had gigs at The Opryland Hotel for 6 hours straight at any given time. Now that her song "Thick Thighs" has taken over TikTok and fans can't get enough of the body-positive song, Block decided to share another one of her songs. She just dropped "Just About Over You" and she implied that there could be some new opportunities coming her way in the coming months.