After weeks of campaigning for Carole Baskin to come on The Bobby Bones ShowBobby Bones finally got his wish. Baskin is currently a contestant on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars and she came on the show to talk all about it, plus some Big Cat Rescue things.

When she was first announced as a contestant, Baskin had the worst odds to win DWTS and confessed to Bones that "she feels like she's gonna have to claw her way up from the bottom." She told Bones that she didn't even know about DWTS before she was asked to be on it. She added that she never danced as a child or as an adult because it was considered a sin in her family. Because of that, Baskin knows she has no skills so she's not getting hurt over what the judges say about her dancing. Though, she's confident that she can move past tonight's (September 22) elimination because she's actually comfortable with her dance tonight, which is to the tune of "What's New Pussycat?"

Baskin shared that she's still doing videos for her Big Cat Rescue while filming for DWTS. Her daughter is running the sanctuary and she has a team of video people helping with the posting of all her videos. She said that promoting Big Cat Rescue was the main reason she went on to DWTS, that and her daughter convinced her to do so. Since she never heard about the show until being asked on it, Baskin accepted so she could go on and get love for all of the big cats. DWTS was one of 200 media outlets that contacted Baskin after Tiger King hit on Netflix. She said that DWTS and Jimmy Fallon were the only two she didn't turn down, and the Fallon one ended up being the viral prank so she never went on.

As far as Tiger King goes, Baskin confessed that she felt betrayed by the show and how they portrayed her. But she said that she believes everything always happens for a reason, and they're hoping for something good to come out of all of this. As far as a TV show being made about her and her Big Cat Rescue, Baskin said they've been approached about it, but they've always been controversial because they speak out against circuses, and zoos holding big cats captive. But since the narrative has started to change around zoos in recent years, a show for their sanctuary is definitely possible.

As for her famous line "Hey all you cool cats and kittens," Baskin said that her and her team are working hard to trademark it. She said she's being saying that for years so they have a pretty strong shot at it getting trademarked with them.