Was this on purpose? Was it a terrible accident? A poor little cat in Nampa is recovering after being shot with a crossbow. 

We all know that our pets become family, so imagine going out on your front porch to discover your sweet little cat has been shot with a crossbow and is suffering terribly.

Personally, I would be outraged, but there is no word yet on whether or not this was done on purpose or if it was accidental.

According to idahonews.com Keesha Boyum's boyfriend discovered her cat, Charlie, had been shot on Saturday afternoon when he saw the crossbow sticking out of Charlie's side as the cat sat on a lawn chair.

Keesha's boyfriend removed the crossbow and rushed the cat to the vet, but Charlie the cat had already suffered five puncture wounds to his intestines causing bile to leak into his abdomen. Poor kitty!

Charlie still has a long road to recovery. No word yet on what his prognosis is, but if you have any information about this case please contact the Nampa police.

Get better soon Charlie!

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