Tomorrow (August 14) Caylee Hammack is finally releasing her debut album If It Wasn't For You. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share her recent collaborations and stories behind the making of her album, plus perform a Willie Nelson cover.

Hammack's new album If It Wasn't For You will feature collaborations with Reba McEntireTenille Townes, and Ashley McBryde. The record will have 13 tracks, 12 songs and 1 interlude. Hammack said that the interlude was for her fans so that they could truly hear her without any production.

Recently, Hammack has gotten to collaborate with two massive country stars, Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire. She shared that both collaborations really just came from her talking to the right people at the right time.

She was talking with an individual on her label team sharing that she loves Don William's song "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good" and she has found a lot of comfort in listening to Jackson's gospel record during the pandemic. The person on her label encouraged her to cover the song with Jackson and as it turned out he was free and willing to do it. The two recorded their parts individually due to the pandemic, and Hammack confessed that she cried when she heard his voice recorded with hers for the first time. She continued by adding that she felt it was a full circle moment since she spent many years as a child at his concerts. She also talked about when her people messaged him about her, he sent back a text saying "I love her voice, but man does she cuss a lot." Hammack loved that he said that and joked that she will use it on her resume moving forward.

While she was working on the album, Hammack's management asked her who she wanted to be on it. Hammack immediately knew she wanted fellow artists Tenille Townes and Ashley McBryde to join her, and they did for one of her songs on the record. Then she shared that she'd love to have the most iconic redhead in country music Reba McEntire on for her song "Redhead." Her management was able to set things up and sent Reba the song who loved it and was willing to sing anything. The two got into the studio together and Hammack said she couldn't believe she got the opportunity to record with Reba. She continued by adding that Reba has such a professionalism about her, but she's also just so kind and sweet.