Cowboys are as ingrained in Idaho as potatoes, probably even more so. We love our cowboys and the cowboy culture, ways and hospitality. There is truly nothing else like it. Cowboys are so important to the history and creation of the United States of America and it is essential that they continue to be celebrated.

"Back in 2005, to make sure it stays that way, the organization National Day of the Cowboy (NDOC) sponsored a bill in the Wyoming House and Senate to preserve and celebrate cowboy culture and history in that state, attaching an eponymous holiday to be observed on the fourth Saturday in July. The bill passed and, since then, other states have passed NDOC in their legislatures. Since the beginning of NDOC’s political campaigning, they’ve raised awareness and enthusiasm for things like rodeos, cowboy history museums, and country fairs featuring roping demonstrations to make sure the cowboy image never dies." - National Today

In 2016, Idaho joined in, National Day of the Cowboy website says, "the Idaho Senate, by voice vote, approved passage of our National Day of the Cowboy bill, HCR038. This makes Idaho the 11th state to ensure permanent recognition for the 4th Saturday in July as a day to celebrate cowboy culture and pioneer heritage."

The movement is not going anywhere and more and more states every year join in and embrace keeping the cowboy heritage alive. It is so fitting to have this holiday come up when Idaho's famous Snake River Stampede is taking over Nampa's Ford Idaho center. It just doesn't get much more cowboy than that.

Boise's Western Proper gets creative and cowboy festive with their "Megamosa" a clear cowboy hat full of mimosa goodness - perfect for sharing.

I recently came across a recipe for 'Cowboy Caviar' and it is going viral. It is good, good for you and pretty cheap to make:


Kuna's Most Expensive House Will Have You Living Like A Cowboy

Allow me to introduce you to the home that is currently the most expensive house in all of Kuna. This fantastic Farmhouse will have you living like a Cowboy.

This 3 bedroom 2.5 bath farmhouse comes with all the land you could ever want...and then some. It also comes with a 36,430 sq. ft. barn that holds unlimited possibilities. It even has 40 stalls with runs, so if you own horses or are looking to own horses, this place is for you.

It's not all about the acres and outside, though. The inside is so charming and will instantly feel like home. My favorite part of the house has to be the wrap around porch. Always one of the best parts of a farmhouse, and this porch does not disappoint. Let's go check it out!

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