30%, 40%, and more than 50% off of all your favorite Valentine's Day Candy.  So where are all the hot spots to score the biggest deals on your favorite munchies?


The #1 hot spot for cheap Valentine's Day candy is Walgreens.  We're talking 1/2 off of some of the absolute best candy on the planet.  Boxed valentines, candy, decorations, bears, boxed chocolates and more.  All 50% off right now!


The smart shoppers stock up on Valentine gifts and decorations now.  The candy... hey, that's just a bonus.  Bring on the chocolate baby.  I'm ready to go.


Here's some of the great deals they have at Walgreens right now...


Snickers or Twix Candy Hearts - 49 cents

Love In The Air Tear Off Classroom Exchange Cards with Toys - $1.49

Ghirardelli Chocolate Box - $6.49