Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and you may have family coming into town for the long weekend, which is excellent! But... what do you do when they get here and you need to entertain them over the weekend? You don't want to be stuck inside all weekend watching football and stuffing your face with leftovers, do you? Maybe you do and that's completely fine.


But what do you do when you don't want to be stuck inside during Thanksgiving weekend watching football?

I'm glad you asked and the only reason I thought to look ahead was that I recently had my in-laws in town and we were desperately looking for things to do within the Treasure Valley and couldn't find a single event going on to take them to.

I found some really cool events going on the weekend of Thanksgiving and wanted to share them with you. They range from live music for the entire family to something for adults only. I'll be headed to Denver for Thanksgiving to visit family and my aunt has already scheduled a couple of things for the entire family to do, I'm assuming that my uncle and I will be indulging in some adult beverages when the time is right.


Sometimes it can get hectic around the house during the holiday, especially if you have a large family like me. My dad has 9 siblings and the holidays are bananas, but once we are out and about the loud voices seem to tame themselves a little bit.

So check out these local events to get the family out of the house on Thanksgiving weekend! 

Thanksgiving Weekend Events In Boise

Check out these Thanksgiving weekend events that will get you out of the house!

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