Pretty sure this would never go down at the Boise Airport.  At least I hope not.  This little guy got kicked off a plane because there's No Dogs Aloud!  What??!


It was Thanksgiving Day and 11-year-old Bryant Weasel along with his mother were kicked off their American Airlines flight because Bryant needed his service dog "Chug" with him.


Bryant has Dravet Syndrom which leaves him vulnerable to lots of seizures.  Chug has been trained to detect the seizures before they happen and assist in caring for Bryant while he's going through them.


The Weasels had turned in all the proper paperwork and let American Airlines know about their situation in advance and had no problem flying to their destination but on the way back, in Charlotte, American Airlines wasn't having any of it.  They simply refused to fly Chug and so the Weasels were forced off the plane and ended up staying the night in a hotel.


Eventually American Airlines got them on a flight but it wasn't even to where they were going.  It landed in St. Louis which was three hours away from their home.


Forget about where's the Christmas Spirit?  How about just having a little human decency.  American Airlines should be embarrassed and hopefully the Weasel's story gets out there and forces them to educate their staff as to how special needs people should be treated.