These are not your typical 'flying fish' that you may remember from Super Mario or the real 'flying fish' whos fins look more like wings and they can skip, skim and even jump over the water. Nope, these are just a few thousand regular fish who got the ride of a life time.

According NBC News, Utah has used aerial fish restocking since 1950. They literally drop thousands of fish from airplanes to fill over 200 remote lakes across the state. That alone surprised me but then to actually see it happen, well. See it for yourself...

I was worried that a drop like that would kill most of the fish, but that is not the case. In fact overall it is better for the fish than if they came by truck. With the aircrafts they are able to help the fish maintain oxygen levels. I would assume in most cases, they can also get the fish into the lake much faster traveling by aircraft as well. The fish are also young and small and can handle a bit more. They can drop as many as 35,000 small fish at once. That is astounding, and also makes me want to seek out some of these remote lakes and go fishing :)


While Utah has the areal fish drop down, Idaho still stocks lakes, rivers and waterways in more conventional ways. Still Idaho Fish and Game stock tens of millions of fish each year. According to the website, "Fish and Game stock over 30-million fish from its hatcheries into rivers, lowland lakes, reservoirs and mountain lakes every year.
Stocked fish include fry, fingerlings, and catchable sized fish from 18 species and 16 strains. Most of the resident hatchery fish released are rainbow trout and kokanee salmon."


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