Boise skies may be more noise than normal this month. I was just visiting my man at his work near Cole and Victory road when 3 military aircrafts went over our heads as we were out by my car. One was a massive military plane, the other two were fast, loud jets. It is always cool to see jets in the skies but they are definitely noisy. I am not positive if the planes we saw where regular Idaho ones or part of this branch of military aircrafts hitting Idaho skies from North Carolina.

According to Channel 7, This month has six military A-10 jets from the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina doing training over Southern Idaho. The training jets will be in our skies through April 28th. The trainings will be day and night, but mostly day and limited night so as not to disturb too much. The night training will be April 19th through the 22nd.

Col. Shannon Smith, commander of the Idaho Air National Guard’s 124th Fighter Wing talked about how important trainings like this are for Idaho's units, “Training with other units that operate different fighter aircraft is a critical component to maintaining combat readiness. This is how we operate in the combat environment so it’s imperative our pilots have the opportunity to train with other services, who operate and maintain dissimilar aircraft.”

She also asks that if anyone as concerns to please reach out directly by calling  208-422-5252.

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Earlier this year I was excited to share that that Gowen Air show was set to happen this August. However, in January, they made the hard decision to cancel it this year. So if your kiddos really like jets and military aircraft and were super bummed that the air show was cancelled, spend a bit more time outside over the next three weeks and you are sure to see them zip around.


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