Chuck Wicks just announced a new podcast on the Nashville Podcast Network called Talk To Chuck, and he plans to release new music in the coming months. With all of that excitement, he stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about everything, plus perform his biggest hit and an unreleased song.

Wicks most recognized song is "Stealing Cinderella." The song was a huge hit, especially for weddings. He shared that he first performed the song at a wedding. It was when he saw the father crying during their father-daughter dance that he knew that the song was going to be a big hit. Wicks just signed his 3rd record deal and he will be dropping a new song "Solid Gold" in the coming weeks. He shared that this new song is one he wrote by himself and wanted to make sure it sounded classic and very country.

Recently, Jason Aldean got some flack for posting a photo of his family at Disney without any masks. He defended the photo to trolls on the Internet by sharing that they took their masks off for a brief second to take the photo. Wicks was actually the one who took the photo of the Aldean family. He shared that all of them had their masks on the entire time they were at Disney, and the family really just took off their masks for the photo. He added that Disney was really strict with their mask policies.

Before Chuck Wicks left the show, he performed some of his song "Stealing Cinderella," and his unreleased song "Old With You." Watch his performance below.

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