Boise State football head coach Bryan Harsin just earned himself an enormous paycheck.

Let's see exactly how much those numbers play out...

Earlier this week Harsin cashed in, with a bonus that more or less adds up to $9,250,000 through 2022. Does he deserve it? Is he actually going to make that much money? Is Boise State even that good this year? This writer is a numbers guy, not a sports guy. Henceforth, we'll be focusing on the numbers. Go sports.

If you break those numbers down, Bryan Harsin will be making:

  • $1,850,000 per year
  • $35,777 every week
  • $5,082 every day
  • $3.53 every single minute of every single day

Not enough for you? Let's put those numbers in perspective:

  • Bryan Harsin makes 15x what Governor Butch Otter pulls in annually
  • At an average of $512,000, a surgeon only makes 25% of Coach Harsin's salary
  • Harsin makes over 17x what a freaking rocket scientist gets paid on average

Hell, you could buy a full-sized helicoptor for less than what Bryan Harsin makes in one year. Which, honestly, if I don't see Coach Harsin come to every BSU home game via helicopter from now on, I'm going to be severely disappointed.

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