Raye has been around the music scene for years. He and his brother Scotty have both worked within the industry since they were 15/16-years-old. His new album Scars feels like a full circle moment for Raye due to all of the songwriting on the album. He wrote or co-wrote the majority of the songs on the album, but the ones he didn't, his brother wrote for him. The title track was written by his brother over 20 years ago, in fact, he shared it with Lambert and she considered cutting the song for many years. Raye and Lambert met early on in her career when she was around 17-years-old because Raye's brother spent many years as a guitarist for Lambert, especially in her early years. So the connection between the three of them and the song "Scars" was always there, and Raye shared that it just felt right for this record as a collaboration with Lambert.

As for his big hits, Raye confessed that "Little Rock" is probably his favorite song. He said that he felt so connected to the song the minute he heard it. His song "Love, Me" out in 1991 was Raye's second song out, but his first one that truly went up the charts. He said this song will always be his "calling card." As for his song "One Boy, One Girl," it's one of the most requested songs Raye gets on the road.

While on the show, Raye performed acoustic bits of each of his most famous songs, "Little Rock," "Love, Me" "In This Life" "One Boy, One Girl," and "That's My Story." Watch his performance below.