In a debate that lasted for several hours, Meridian City Council Members have finally approved the Costco proposal.

The proposed Costco will be located at Ten Mile Road and Chinden Boulevard.

Those who opposed building Costco in this location were primarily concerned about increased traffic in the area that may make it difficult for those in neighboring subdivisions to get out on the main roads.

Those in favor brought up the jobs that new Costco will provide in addition to the shopping opportunity. Right now those living in Meridian have to drive to Boise or Nampa to go to the big box retailer.

According to KTVB the decision to approve the proposal came in about 1 a.m. The Meridian Planning and Zoning Commision voted four to two.

We'll keep you posted as this story develops. No word yet on what needs to happen next, when they plan to start construction, or when the goal date to open the new Costco will be.