It's been two years since the 'Creepy Clown' craze hit America which for the most part was just a hoax but the fear has been VERY real and the clowns are back.  Recently scary clowns with weapons like machetes, knives, and sharp objects have been popping up in the Southern California area.  Some of the clowns are driving in cars, pulling up next to unsuspecting mothers with children in their vehicles, doing their best to scare and threaten.  These mothers are not thinking this is funny at all.  You can check out video HERE.

Boise is kind of a safe haven and sometimes we're lucky enough to have the BAD stuff miss us here in the Treasure Valley, but not with this one.  Just like in 2016 the 'Creepy Clowns' have found their way back into our little oasis and it has people a little spooked.

Calls have started coming in about 'Creepy Clown' sightings on Broadway, Chinden, Eagle Road, and State Street.  It's usually someone dressed in some kind of horror film type of clown costume which is o.k. I guess, but when they start flashing weapons (real or fake) or making movements or saying things that are threatening, that's when these clowns are crossing the line.  And the calls coming into our show are saying these clowns are doing just that.

Credit: Allison Joyce / Getty Images
Credit: Allison Joyce / Getty Images

If you ever feel threatened or in any kind of danger please contact your local authorities immediately.  Yes, it's Halloween time and yes, it's o.k. to have some fun and maybe even get into a little mischief but nobody should ever feel unsafe or threatened, especially defenseless mothers who are watching over their children.  Just flat out NOT COOL!  If you come across these 'CLOWNS' please contact the local authorities immediately.

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