Have you been thinking of a new career as a fire-fighter? Well, there will soon be an easier path to your dream. According to KIVI, there will be a new program offered at CWI for students to receive their "Fire Service Technology" certificate. This certificate will allow students to be trained to accomplish all of the requirements at local fire stations. Currently, if someone wanted to receive their fire certification, they'd have to enroll in the closest academies in Salt Lake City or Salem, OR.

This program has been in the works for a few years, and despite there only being 20 spots in the program, there was an overwhelming response with 84 applicants. Interviews earlier in the week will determine which students will take part in the inaugural program on CWI's Nampa campus in August.

Director of Public Safety Programming at CWI, Kevin Platts told KIVI that the program will be taught by "instructors from eleven departments across Southwestern Idaho," and will teach students to "analyze and solve problems in hands-on situations, including demonstrations, live burns, and a physical fitness course designed specifically for firefighters."

If you're interested in enrolling in this program in the future, CLICK HERE to get all the information on how to apply.

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