Dan and Shay are busy celebrating their three year anniversary of their hit song "Tequila" as well as promoting their latest single "I Should Probably Go To Bed." They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their latest songs, demos they have, and what they've been doing in quarantine.

In discussing "Tequila," the duo confessed that they didn't plan for it to be a radio single. There were concerns about the song being a ballad, but ultimately put it out and obviously they're very happy that they did. They joked about being disappointed that the song never came with a cool collaboration with a tequila brand. When asked about the brand collaboration with their latest song "I Should Probably Go To Bed," Dan and Shay said that a children's book would probably be the move.

The duo has been busy while stuck at home because of the pandemic. Dan shared that he is "always tinkering," he's too creative to just not being doing things. Meanwhile, Shay and his family finally got to move into their new home, which he dubbed "their forever home." While also stuck at home, the duo wanted to make sure they could still connect with their fans so they started texting with them. Though, their fans never believe it's actually Dan and Shay. The text messages have resulted in some fun conversations and even videos. Dan shared that they recently recorded a video for one of their fan's weddings coming up.

Fans will find this next part arguably the most interesting. Dan and Shay confessed they have hundreds of songs that are unreleased and just sitting on Dan's computer as demos. Shay added that the demos are on lock down and will never be heard unless they decide to do something with them. He joked that if they were in a plane crash, Dan would break the demo drive because Dan wouldn't want them released without his finishing touches on them.

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