Rucker was spending time in his home state of South Carolina and was on his way to golf when he decided to stop and eat at the local IHOP. It was a Sunday morning and when Rucker looked around he saw a lot of families in there. He knew that everyone is going through a hard time right now with the pandemic and he was watching as these families were just trying to give their kids a morning of fun and joy. As he was walking out, he asked the guy to calculate everyone's tabs and paid for it. And he did confirm to Bobby Bones that he tipped all of the waitstaff, he left 100% on the entire tab as a tip. Rucker didn't do it to get in the news, he laughed and said "I can't believe that made the news." He nonchalantly added that he's done that several times at restaurants and it wasn't a big deal. As for what Rucker was eating, he confessed that he likes to eat a lot at IHOP from biscuits and gravy to the grits.

Besides being one of the nicest guys in country music, Rucker's latest song "Beers and Sunshine" will be his tenth number 1 hit. Rucker admitted that he never thought he'd have one number 1 song, so it's crazy to even think that he's in the double digits. Rucker was a songwriter on this latest hit. Quarantine had just started and Rucker had just moved to Nashville, but all they could do was golf so he wanted to write a happy song about exactly that. Before the pandemic, Rucker had gotten the chance to host the CMAs for the first time with Reba McEntire. It was one of those things that Rucker never dreamed of doing, because of that he remembers the whole evening very vividly.

Besides his very successful career, there's someone in Rucker's phone that everyone is going to love to hear about. Rucker is a big golfer so naturally, he has Tiger Woods phone number. He added that he's know him since he was 18-years-old and he's actually in Rucker's phone as "Eld."

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