A few weeks ago I posted about globally famous magician David Blaine's original plan for this death defying stunt. He plans to use helium filled balloons to travel from one destination to another just by holding them. The original plan was from New York to New Jersey at a height of about 18,000 feet.  He has been planing this for about 10 years. Click here to check out my original post about the event... 

Due to the physics he has changed up his original plans here he is describing the changes he had to move the location and date to make is safer.

I am so intrigued by all of the planning that must have gone into this. It all seems so inspired by the movie UP which came out about a decade ago when Blaine started planning this, so I cant help but see the correlation. I also am a bit of a science nerd. I had a listener reach out from Poland, yes Poland. He is a physics student there and was excited to tell me about how something like this is even possible. He also said it is far more science and physics than it is magic. Isn't magic in the eye of the beholder though? Even though physics went behind this to make it possible, to the onlooker, especially young onlookers this is truly magic.

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I also love and appreciate that it has people buzzing about it all around the world. The event will be live streamed on YouTube. Will you and your family watch? We will be, fingers crossed everything goes well or that is going to be a hard conversation to have with Titus.

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