We're getting down to the wire. Christmas is less than two weeks away! Still haven't sent your packages? Here's when you need to get them out in order for your loved ones to get their presents in time.

According to USPS here's the deal to get your packages from Boise across the Continental United States.

  • December 14th -  Snail Mail USPS Retail Ground.
  • December 19th - First Class Mail : This isn't a great option for heavy packages but if you have something less than 13 oz it should get to your loved one in three days time.
  • December 20th -Priority Mail : This works for packages up to 70 lbs.  Should get around the U.S. in 3 days.
  • December 22nd - Priority Mail Express : This is going to cost you, but it comes with an overnight guarantee. Just keep in mind it starts at $23.75

If you are like me and always late make sure you get your packages out asap and pay attention to these dates so it doesn't cost your pocket and you don't feel embarrassed!