Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf is a fun and challenging way to spend time with friends and family. There is such a massive range of skill level and expertise that anyone and everyone from kids to beginner teens and adults to experts can have a blast at. We go out and enjoy disc golf as a family often. Titus and I are not so skilled but still enjoy it and have a blast every time.

Another advantage is it is very cost effective. You don't need much to start playing. A driver, a mid range and a putter disc are all you need. I use my mid range the most. You can buy a pack starting at $20. Just like anything if you get REALLY into it, you will eventually collect more discs and maybe even get a specialized disc golf bag. Still though you are only looking at a couple hundred to get really, really set. Other than that, just comfortable shoes and you are good. Unless you are playing in a tournament or it is a private course (few and far between) then it is free and readily available for everyone.

Disc golf courses in Boise and the treasure valley have been progressing and have had more and more pop up over the last 20 year or so. Here are disc golf courses in and near Boise and surrounding cities. There are a lot more if you are willing to drive a couple of hours out of town, but I stuck mostly with Boise Metro for this article.

Ann Morrison Park - This one is fantastic and has a huge verity as it offers a 20-hole, grassy, well-maintained course. The entire park is 153 acres. You will test your skill at dodging trees and throwing over waterways. Visit this one often as it changes courses for summer and winter to keep it fresh and changing for regulars.

Bear Creek Park (Meridian) - This is an easy course that is great for beginners and learners. The main photo is my boy Titus throwing a disc at Bear Creek its nice and close to our home so we frequent this one often to play and throw around. The 9-hole disc course is only open during fall and winter months when the park isn't as busy.

Bogus Basin - This is the farthest I went as far as distance from Boise but it is a stellar course that I just couldn't skip. The 18-hole disc golf course is on Bitterroot and is free for public use.

Eagle Island State Park - Eagle Island is a fantastic place to explore no matter what but their disc golf course is way fun too! Titus and I went last month when there was still a little snow on the ground. The course takes you through some dense trees and foliage, it feels like an adventure. Year round there is access to the nine-hole course and in the fall (when there are less people visiting the park for other reasons) the course opens up to an 18-hole course from November through April.

Kuna Disc Golf Course - 18-hole course that is up year-round to enjoy. This course features a good range of skill levels. There are a few tricky ones with narrow tree passages.

Lake Lowell (Nampa) - This year-round 9-hole course is great for all levels. There is a slight slope but it is a great one to play around and have some fun.

Lydle Gulch (near Lucky Peak) - This one is a bit more challenging. I have not done this one myself yet. I want to get my skill level up a bit before I try and tackle it. Located on the south side of Lucky Peak Dam. It is a 20-hole course and is up year-round. The terrain here is different than that of the city park courses.

Mallard Park (Caldwell)  - This is a fantastic 18-hole course to explore. It is ranked high with positive votes from the local disc golf regulars. The baskets are up and available for play year-round.

Osborne Park (Nampa) - Another great 9-hole course in Nampa. The disc golf portion was added in 2009 and according to the city of Nampa is a challenging one. I cant speak personally to this course yet.

Sandy Point beach- In the summer months Sandy Point is a great place to float and picnic. Since it gets so busy and crowded in the summer months this 12-hole course is only open September to May. There is a $5 state park entry fee if you don't have an Idaho State Park pass.

Settlers Park (Meridian) - This beautiful park has a 9-hole winter course from November 15th through February 28th. Green lush and beautiful surroundings this course is a good fun mix.

West Park (Nampa) - Head just east of Midland Road on Lone Star Road, in Nampa's West Park.  This 9- hole course is in a beautiful park-like setting. There is some wooded areas and a pond but is a great starter course as it is mostly flat. The park can get quite busy though so I would suggest going early or on a weekday.


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