I have had many jobs where I didn't feel like I was compensated fairly or I didn't like my boss, but I never thought about taking it this far. Quitting and walking out always seemed satisfying enough to me if the situation seemed dramatically deserving enough. But to kick the crap out of someone, nope.... not ok, and way too far. Being a business owner is hard enough, especially in these trying times. So lets get down to it, according to Idaho News Channel 7 (KTVB) here is what went down...
The owner of Labor Dave Handyman

David Fears is a Boise Business owner and father to a little boy. David owns Labor Dave Handyman Services, who help people in the treasure Valley with projects. Well last week David allegedly got in an argument about money with an employee. He told the disgruntled employee to take it up with the Labor Board and they will all take care of it together. Well that answer clearly didn't sit well with the employee who came back with 4 other men and a baseball bat. The men viscously attacked and beat David horrifically.

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He told KTVB “Bottom line, metal hit my face more than once. I got somewhere between six and nine fractured bones in my face, which includes everything from under the orbital areas of the bone structure affecting the jaws. So basically, my face, the bone structure is a floating mess right now. This is a whole different kind of pain. I have to sleep upright.”

From David's GoFundMe Page
From David's GoFundMe Page

A police report was filed and the ex employee who led the attack has been charged and is facing battery and injury to property charges. I am hoping the others involved are getting the same charges. Because of how bad the attack was, David has not been able to work and neither have his employees. He also has a young boy who he has not seen in a week because he doesn't want his little guy to see his daddy with a mashed up face.

“Not only am I not getting paid but, more importantly, the people who work for me also are not. My son thinks I’m Superman and I don’t want him to see me this way and it was tough not being able to go trick or treating with him."

If you are able please check out David Fears' go fund me page that a client started for him to help cover his medical expenses and lost income.


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