We all got that Amber Alert on Tuesday that sent us into a panic looking for a 5-year-old little boy. Now disturbing new details are being released as to what happened before the child was kidnapped and before his father took his own life. 

The tragedy started to unfold at 5 a.m. at a home in Spokane, Washington at 12808 E. Blossey Avenue.

When officers arrived on scene they heard a woman screaming for help. She had been stabbed in the chest, twice in the upper torso, and under her armpit. Luckily, according to KTVB, she is expected to survive.

Justin Robertson's wife had served him with divorce papers which sparked the violence and left her lying in a pool of blood. She says he tied her up with a cell phone charger cord in the master bathroom. After the stabbing, he kidnapped the couple's 5-year-old son Ethan and went on the run.

Justin was eventually found on a family members property in St. John, Washington. He agreed to let little Ethan go after talking on a land-line and negotiating to leave the home if an unnamed family member showed up at the house.

Ethan was released but Justin refused to surrender to police and tragically he later took his own life.

I know first-hand how tough divorce can be, but this is never ever the answer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Justin's wife as she recovers from her wounds and with Ethan who we hope he is getting the mental health care he will certainly need to get through this.

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