I had a pretty disappointing phone call with my hairstylist today. Not because she couldn't fit me into her schedule. Not because she told me that I would need to wear a mask. I was disappointed because of our conversation about how to style my hair.

She didn't have any suggestions. She asked how I wanted it cut. I told her that I was feeling trendy and wanted to know what the majority of her male clients were doing. This is where the call took a sudden downward spiral. She told me that things had changed recently. Before the pandemic started, she was doing a lot of pompadours, side quiffs, and fades. Since the reopening of the salons in town, she's been asked to cut some new styles. Most notably, she said that she had been asked to style mullets!

"Business in the front and party in the back" is making a big comeback, so don't be surprised if your husband comes home with a perfectly styled mullet soon!

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